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Cross-industrial collaboration and a meeting point for matching industry experts and enthusiasts alike.

Need New talents?

We offer networking events and channels to find talented people for your game development.

Need Funding ?

If you need funding or you are looking for a new startup to invest in, we help in matchmaking.

Access to channel?

We help You open doors and promote your products to platform holders and other decision makers.

Tampere is one of the biggest game hubs in Finland

The local game industry id growing fast and Tampere has become
a great challenger in the national game business.


Join and meet with others in New Factory game related events

Moro, investor

If you are looking for new investment opportunities in game startups, don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer background information, pitching events, product demos and matchmaking.

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Antti Salomaa
040 8235375

You are welcome to visit our New Factory premises at
Väinö Linnan aukio 15,
3rd floor (in the Finlayson area)
33210 Tampere

Tampere Game Factory is a continuation for the ManseGames project that ended in 2013, which left a great legacy of a strong game industry network and active game developer community.

Due to its ideal location in the heart of Tampere, Game Factory provides an excellent platform for cross-industrial collaboration and a meeting point for industry experts and enthusiasts alike.